TOA M-864D - Digitalmischer, 19"-4HE, 8 Mono In, 3 Stereo In

4 Out, 8 Control In, 8 Control Out

CHF 4'890.00


Digital Stereo Mixer

The digital stereo mixer shall be equipped with digital signal processing functions such as Automatic Resonance Control function (ARC), Feedback Suppressor function (FBS), Automatic stereo input mute function, Tone controller, and PEQ.
Tone control and gain adjustment shall be made through the front panel operation. Each input shall have a built-in analog gain control circuit. The digital stereo mixer shall be mounted in a 19-inch EIA component rack (4U size).
The mixer shall have the following DSP functions:
 Automatic Resonance Control (ARC) measurement and processing algorithm that optimizes speech
and sound clarity for individual acoustic environments
 Feedback Suppressor (FBS) function that eliminates feedback caused by carrying the microphone
from place to place
 Automatic stereo input mute (Auto Mute or Ducker) function that mutes stereo input automatically when detecting a monaural control signal
Front-mounted stereo input shall allow connection of digital audio player
Preset memory shall enable operators to store user-specified settings in response to specific needs
Optional remote control panels shall permit convenient remote operation and featuring an assign function supporting assignment of such settings as volume control, channel ON/OFF, matrix switching and preset memory recall to specified buttons. Dedicated GUI software shall facilitate higher-precision parameter setting adjustment on PC via Ethernet LAN. Connection of up to five mixers shall realize the operation with 15 input and 5 output channels.

Monaural input: 8 channels, removable terminal block (3P) , Phantom power for each channel
Stereo Input (L, R): 7 channels
Output: 4 channels, electronically-balanced, removable terminal block (3P)
Preset memory: 16
Filter: 8 channels,
Tone controller: Bass, Mid, Treble
Matrix: 12 x 4
Contact Input: 8 channels
Contact output: 8 channels
Finish Panel: Aluminum, hairline, black, Case: Surface-treated steel plate
Dimensions(WxHxD): 482.6 x 177.1 x 157.2 mm (19" x 6.97" x 6.19")
Weight: 5.1 kg (11.24 lb)



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